Free Proxy Switcher

How to use Free Proxy List Extension on Mac OS, proxy switcher Firefox - NEW!

Mac OS Free Proxy Switcher - Safari and Java Applet video

On Browser use as proxy
host: localhost, port 7777(default)

If you have issues with Safari then use Firefox should be same steps like in Firefox Linux.
How to use Proxy List
Firefox Extension

Proxy List - OS X

NEW ! -15 second video
Proxy List and Firefox Extension!
Proxy List
Select a web proxy :
Fresh Web Proxy List

Start Free Proxy Switcher ! or see images How to use Free Proxy Switcher with Safari

How to setup proxy on Mac ?

To set up a proxy using Mac Leopard, open your system preferences and select "Network" > "Internet Connection" Select the network what is in use, next on "Advanced..." and click on the "Proxies" tab.

For Tiger, you will need to double click on the network and click on the "Proxy" instead of "Advanced".

See How to configure Proxy on Mac OS Leopard

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