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Create free private proxy with putty and free shell account

Free private proxy.

1. find a free linux shell account , search on google for it

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2. register for a free account.
3. after you will have the account, download putty

4. configure putty as you can see in images:

a) start putty:


b)setup the tunnel:

- select from categories connection - Tunnels

- on source port write 3128 (or what port you want, i'll use 3128 for this tutorial)

- select Dynamic

- click on Add


c) save the session

- write the ip of the free shell account

- instead of "FREE SHELL IP" (in image)

- write the session name- "FREE PRIVATE PROXY" is on image

- save the session , next time you can load this setup without doing all previous steps



5. start the session (use your username and password from free shell hosting when you will be asked for)

6. configure the browser to use: localhost:3128 or as SOCKS proxy

TAKE CARE .. it is SOCKS not http proxy

Advantages :

- it will resolve dns from hosting server

- the communication between you and hosting server is secured, nobody can see what you are doing except the hosting company.

7. when you want to start next time the private proxy , just start the putty ,load the saved session and connect.

8. Have Fun !

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