Free Proxy Switcher

Proxy List loaded on Safari with Free Proxy Switcher applet.

1. click on
Start Free Proxy Switcher Applet
Start free proxy switcher on Mac Os Leopard
2. Click on Trust. Click on Trust

3. Change port(optional)

4. Click on "Start Proxy Switcher" button

5. Click on "LOAD LIST FROM WEB" button or Use yours(if you have your list)

6. You can chnage the Proxy tester speed changing the Threads (i tested with 300 and works fine for me )

Applet is loaded

7. After you have few "Working proxies" select one.

8. After the testing is done you can save the list, next time the testing will be faster!

Proxy List loaded
How to use Proxy List
Firefox Extension

Proxy List - OS X

NEW ! -15 second video
Proxy List and Firefox Extension!
Proxy List
Select a web proxy :
Fresh Web Proxy List

Start Free Proxy Switcher ! or see How to configure Proxy on Mac OS Leopard

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